August 17, 2021

"Fantastic place! A treasure in St. Augustine. It was a "
August 16, 2019

Best Palm Tree for Houston, TX

"We live in the Houston, Texas area. Nine years ago, after losing all four well established queen palms and two pygmy date palms as a result of two days of below freezing temperatures, we set out to find a palm tree that would withstand the occasional freeze we see every couple years during the winter months. Our research led us to mule palms from Moultrie Palms. After several phone calls with Elaine and Frank we purchased three very small trees and had them shipped to us in a box. Our first three mule palms grew rapidly so we ordered two more a couple years later. Those did well so we ordered two more in late spring 2017. In January of 2018 we had a major ice storm in Houston that covered every square inch of our seven mule palms with a thick coating of ice, including the two that were very young and had only been in the ground for about eight months. We did our best to knock off as much ice as we could from all the palms but the majority of the fronds and trunks of the trees were covered for well over 24 hours before the ice slowly began to melt. We knew if we were going to lose our mule palms this weather event would likely be the culprit. 18 months later we are pleased to report that all seven mule palms are healthy and thriving. Our oldest mule palms are 20' to 25' tall and the youngest ones are already 8'. If you live in the Houston area and want a palm tree that can handle below freezing temperatures look no further than the mule palms from Moultrie Palms. Thank you Elaine and Frank!"
April 4, 2019

All we can say is, WOW

"WOW - who knew that a search for cold hearty palms would yield such wonderful new friendships, a world of new knowledge and 10 gorgeous mule palm trees. Just watching them from our birdcage glisten in the early morning sunshine and wave at us in the gently afternoon breezes gives us no end of pleasure. Thank you Frank and Elaine for your great expertise and for the way you so care for your mules and so care about your customers. We Love You Guys, Gary and Karen"
February 4, 2019

"We live on Topsail Island in North Carolina and had previously purchased 4 Mule Palms from a source in Jacksonville Florida. I read up on the Super Mule Palms that Moultrie Palms had developed. I decided to drive down to Florida again and purchase 4 of these. The Super Mules have been in the ground for 5 months, approximately being 5 feet tall, and after a couple of weeks of nightly temperatures in the 20’s, I can attest that these Super Mules are absolutely loving life, as if it were 70 degrees. The regular Mule’s are doing well also, but you can see the difference in the fronds. The Super Mules are green as grass in May. Frank and Elaine Moultrie were very kind and informative, and their Super Mules are a delight to have in the yard. "
September 25, 2018

"So far, we have purchased 8 Mule palms from Elaine and Frank, these trees are beautiful and growing strong. Our first two trees when planted were just at 5’ tall, now they are a little over 10’. We are thinking about adding another to our property to fill in a void from another tree, not a Mule palm, that we had removed. We tell people when they are looking for our home to look for the yard with all the palm trees in it. Of all the trees we have the Mules are the best looking be far."