Frequently Asked Questions

Those interested in palm trees in Saint Augustine, Vilano Beach, or Araquey, FL frequently have questions and concerns related to the care and maintenance of their new trees. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the hybrid queen palms sold by Moultrie Palms.

What kind of fertilizer is best for hybrid palms?

We recommend Vigoro Palm, Ixora and Ornamental Food. It is great for your mule palm’s health and can be found at most home improvement stores and nurseries. Keep in mind any fertilizer can also be used but, it must explicitly state that it can be used for palm trees. It is important to know this because, without proper care, any palm tree can “yellow out,” after which it becomes very difficult to turn it back to its natural green color.

Where is the best location to plant a hybrid palm?

You want to avoid planting a hybrid palm under any overhang, or under the eaves of a house. It is best to plant it in an open area that allows for sufficient room to grow. You should avoid wet, muddy soil, but shade is not an issue. Any fully, partially or non-shaded areas will be good for these trees. For those with beach properties, they are also very salt tolerant.

How tall will my palm tree get?

The average mule tree grows to be 30 to 35 feet tall.

What temperatures are best for hybrid palm trees?

Hybrid palms can be grown in all types of weather, including those with significant weather conditions during winter. They can withstand temperatures as low as 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

The team at Moultrie Palms is always eager to answer questions for customers, whether they’ve been caring for hybrid trees for years or are just beginning to think about planting one of these trees. Contact us at 904-794-1363 to learn more about our cold hardy palms!