Super Mule

Super Cold Hardy Mule Palm Trees

Butia Capitata Florida While Moultrie Palms has specialized in hybrid mule palm trees for over 14 years, we’re in the middle of cultivating a variant: the super cold hardy mule palm tree! This is a cross between three other palm varieties: the Butia capitata (pindo palm), the Jubaea chilensis (Chilean wine palm), which grows high in the mountains of Chile which together form the basis for our super mule. From there, it is crossed with the Butia capitata (pindo palm) again and the final step crossed with the Syagrus romanzoffiana (queen palm) to form the magnificent Super Mule.  Here’s a closer look at these new mule palms for sale in Florida:

Common name: Super cold hardy mule palm tree
Scientific name: Butia X Jubaea X Butia X Syagrus
Growth rate: We’re pleased to report that our super cold hardy mule palms grow at a fast pace.
Origin: The super cold hardy mule palm tree is a Moultrie Palms original. We are extremely proud of this new cultivation, and are excited to share it with our customers.
Salt tolerance: Like our hybrid mule palms, the super cold hardy mule palm will thrive in warm and cold climates and tolerate saltwater exposure.
Typical height: Somewhat shorter than our hybrid mule palms, super cold hardy mule palms will grow to between 25 and 30 feet tall.
Drought tolerance: The super cold hardy mule palm is relatively drought tolerant.
Cold tolerance: It is not yet known how cold these trees can get, but we expect them to survive into the low digits.

With its dark green, curved pinnate leaves and wide trunk, the super cold hardy mule palm is poised to be a delightful new addition to countless gardens, tropical getaways and more. If you’re looking for cold hardy palm trees for sale in Florida, this new creation from Moultrie Palms may be just what you’re after.

To find out more about our new variant on the mule palm tree in Florida, please call Moultrie Palms at 904-794-1363.


February 2019


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